September 16, 2016


The final programme of the conference is already available: PDF version

The size of posters should be A0, portrait orientation

Invited speakers:

Prof. Anthony Arrott, Simon Fraser University, Canada

“Using magnetic charges to understand soft magnetic materials”

Prof. Greg Carman, University of California at Los Angeles, United States

“Strain Induced Exchange-Spring Magnetic Behavior in Amorphous TbDyFe Films”

Prof. Horia Chiriac, National Institute of Research and Development for Technical Physics, Romania

“Biomedical applications of soft magnetic materials: challenges, opportunities, limitations”

Dr. Olivier de la Barrière, SATIE, ENS Cachan, CNRS, Universite Paris-Saclay, France

1D and 2D loss characterization systems: optimal design, measurement methods and results

Prof. Michael Farle, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Functionalized Hybrid Nanomagnets: New Materials for Innovations in Energy Storage and Medical Theranostics”

Prof. Horst Hahn, Institute of Nanotechnology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

“Reversible electrochemical control of magnetic phase transitions: towards on-and-off voltage-driven ferromagnetism at room temperature”

Dr. Shinichiro Ito, TDK Corporation, Japan

Recent Topics of Power Ferrites

Prof. Fernando Landgraf, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil

The effect of plastic deformation and recovery annealing on magnetic properties of electrical steel at high frequencies

Prof. Anthony Moses, Cardiff University, UK

“Transformer core Building Factors: Better approaches to an old problem”

Dr. Motoki Ohta, Hitachi Metals. Ltd., Japan

“Possibility of Application of High Bs Soft Magnetic Nanocrystalline Alloy Ribbon in Power Magnetics Field”

Dr. Robert D. Shull, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA

“Domain Images Showing the Reversal Behavior of Thin Patterned Permalloy Strips”

Prof. Kiyonori Suzuki, Monash University, Australia

“Fe based nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials: Alloy development for higher saturation magnetization”